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Bleaching, measuring, sewing, and glueing! I give you a step by step EASY tutorial on how to effortlessly make a wig. You can either sew the entire wig or you can glue it. Either way it is perfect for back to school especially since Yolissa’s hair is so inexpensive! I have in straight bundles so I can achieve that bone straight flawless look. I have a 18 inch frontal, and 20″, 22″, 24″ inch bundles.

? What inexpensive hair am I using?
Yolissa Hair –
Straight 3bundles with a frontal(the same hair in the video):

or more inexpensive options…

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Straight 3bundles with a closure:
Straight 4bundles with a closure:
Straight 4bundles with a frontal:
Yolissa store on Aliexpress:
Straight Bundles:
Straight Frontal: order 2 or more, get more 20% off.

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How To Bleach The Frontal – 01:59
Measuring Your Frontal – 07:32 or 08:02
Beige Ojai –
How To Sew Easily Sew Your Frontal – 09:28
How To Hot Glue Your Frontal & Tracks – 11:14
How To Cut The Material Off The Frontal – 13:29
How To Cut The Lace From The Frontal – 13:56


Styrofoam Head With Face
Yolissa Hair –
Sewing Pins
Dome Cap

Bleaching Process
Clairol Professional BW2 POWDER LIGHTENER
40 Volume Clear Developer
[ TIP – 40 developer is the strongest and will get the job done quickly. 30 or 20 developer are just lower less powerful developers but they are ALL effective. Just has to be monitored.]
Black Gloves

Gluing Process
Adhesive Technologies High Temp Project Pro Mini Size Glue Gun
Ad Tech Glue Stick Multi Temp Mini 4″ 100pc

TIP #1 – I didn’t show much of the sewing or gluing because anyway you do it is fine. Making a wig isn’t as scary as you think. There is no right or wrong because they are SUPER CUSTOMIZABLE. IF you want to leave a lot of lace you can, if you want to glue the whole thing you can.

TIP #2 – Do not wash the cap of your wig. The glue will deteriorate if you do so only wash the hair and not the glue, cap, or wefts.

Da’ End ?


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Frequently Asked Questions!

What is a TWA?
TWA stands for Teenie Weenie Afro.

Where is bear?
If bear is not in a video its because he is usually off on a date or sleeping.

What camera are you filming with?
Canon T5i, if you are just starting off i say go for the rebel series just make sure you got the “i” series because it has a flip around screen.

What type of hair do you have?
Type 4a in the front. Type 4b on the sides. Type 4c in the middle and a little sprinkle on the sides. This is why I just refer to myself as just type 4.

What are you listening to?
Silent Partner – Pink Lemonade


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